A lifetime collection

A selection from the Artist himself representing the work of a lifetime in a special collection of NFTs.

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The Artist

Jean-Pierre Cassigneul is one of the most famous and collected living French painters in the world. For over fifty years, his work has combined singularity with feminine elegance. His art, characterized by colored models with smoked contours, radiates and resonates through the celebration of the Woman, the Elegant, the Parisian... The poses of mysterious and subtile women, immortalized in eternal settings and legendary places, from the Bois de Boulogne to the Planches de Deauville, through the shores of the Lake Geneva...

The artist was born on July 13, 1935 in Paris, where he studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Considered as an impressionist painter, he liberated his work as from the 1950s from the established codes of contemporary painting to affirm a style going against the grain of the genre. Although half of his collector's market is concentrated in the United States today, his work attracts buyers from many countries; his pieces are present in the most important international art fairs (Tokyo, New York, Maastricht, London...) and put alongside the greatest names of Impressionism in auction rooms around the world.

The Collection

The NFT Cassigneul collection celebrates 65 years of painting. It gathers 100 portraits of women chosen and cropped by the artist, dating from 1955 to today. Each NFT is a double-sided 3-dimensional painting, one of which represents a portrait of the collection and the other its transparency on a retrospective grid of the entire collection.

The NFT Cassigneul collection is a celebration of the Woman and the starting point of a promise: the one to democratize and make the work of a great artist accessible to people. The sale of this exceptional collection is the first step towards the creation of a digital museum: the Cassigneul Museum. There it will be possible to explore the full collection, as well as unpublished works. The community of NFT Cassigneul collectors will have the control of the museum’s evolution.

The Acquisition

A NFT is secured by the Blockchain technology. This technology guarantees its intellectual property to the purchaser via the immutability of its certificate of authenticity, but also the transparency of the owners history since the NFT minting and its very first transaction, as well as the storage of all the information relating to the work and its evolution over time.